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New Year's ResolUtions by Performing Arts Studio

Speech 1
 by Violetta and Nurlan

We have a dream to pass our exams. For that dream we must work hard, and we will!!! We will study hard, do all our homework and learn more and more. We will do everything to make our dream come true! We will pay all our attention to studies. Reading more, doing some exercises and learning something new-that is what we will do in our free time.


Speech 2
by Anastasia O., Valeria, Anastasia M.

We must study more! Studying is a road in life full of good moments and travelling. Your future depends on what you are learning. Languages, maths, it will help you  a lot. I want my children to live in educated country. Everyone must  get same education, doesn't matter who it is poor, rich, skin color-doesn't matter. We must study to give something to our children. Everyone wants to have a good job and earn lots of money, but not everyone wants to study and that is the problem. Studying is very important for your life.

Speech 3
by Alex, Vlad, Mark and Zahar

Today we have  a lot of race. For example white and black. We think its not correct. Why we put discrimination between people? We all are human and this is important no more. Many people think that black people are bad. They think they are slaves. But it shouldn't be like that! Everyone has right to have freedom and be equal.

                                            BLACK PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE TOO
                                                    THEY HAVE FEELINGS
                                            THEY ARE JUST LIKE ALL OF US
                                         PLEASE DON'T HURT BLACK PEOPLE

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