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Scary story written by  Alina Põhtina, Dasha Melnik, Karina Trebunskaja and Elizaveta Lartsenko 

                                             MONSTER IN A BASEMENT

There was a house, and in there lived a very happy couple named Jessica and Boris. They have been living in Klaipeda, Lithuania for 10 years. They lived near the asylum where Jessica worked as a therapist. Unfortunately, they didn’t know that their father was a crazy surgeon. In their basement he made disgusting experiments on people who he found on a streets. 

One day Jessica heard very strange noises in the basement and decided to look what that was. She says: “I am home alone and the lights just went off. I can hear really scary noises. I should go and see what it is”.

In the basement she saw a really strange creature with 2 heads; her husband was standing near the thing. He was frightened because he was just caught, and yelled: “It is not what it looks like! I can explain! These are my sons -Petjko and Afonjko. They are going to live with us.”

Jessica was shocked. She screamed in her husband’s face “OMG! Are you kidding me? They are disgusting! They will never live with us! You freak!”

She suddenly saw a knife and took it from the floor and cut off the monster’s head.  

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