среда, 23 ноября 2016 г.

Donald Trump as a Clown on the Internet 

As we all know, Donald Trump was recently elected president of the United States of America. The election started a really big wave of jokes and memes not only in the USA but around the whole world.

All jokes are divided into two types: The first is telling us that Trump is a great man and the USA are now in strong hands and the second one is informing us that he is an awful person who will burn in hell.  Some of them can be really rude and even offensive, but teenagers find them really funny, so maybe that means that there is a small piece of truth in every joke.

But we should not forget, that for some people in the USA and neighboring countries, for example, Canada and Mexico, this is not a joke or a meme, but a real problem and their citizens do not find it funny.

Alina Põhtina, Dasha Melnik, Karina Trebunskaja and Nastya Chaplina

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