четверг, 27 октября 2016 г.

Let's remember how we spent Halloween last year! 

Weird Halloween 
Flash Fiction Competition

Winner: Happy Halloween Jack by Darja Parševa

Happy Halloween Jack is about a family moving to a new house. Jack, an 8-year-old boy, starts to see a girl in the backyard of the house. Who is she? Could the reason for this be because his birthday is on the 31st of October?

It was 2013, I liked my old house, but my parents decided that we needed to move to a new house in York. It was a little bit rainy and I had slept the whole way to a new ‘sweet’ home.
My name is Jack Hallow. I am eight years old, soon. Tomorrow will be my birthday, the 31st of October. Yeah, it’s really cool, somehow.
I don’t really like long trips because parents always start arguing on them. I love them and I know they love each other.
My mum Susan is a teacher of history. She has long brown hair and beautiful green eyes. She is really kind. I remember how she had some practice lessons with my class when she started working in my school.
My dad Chris is a doctor. I don’t really remember what doctor exactly, because I have never really asked him about it. I don’t know how to describe my dad because most of his time is spent at work. The only thing you should know about my dad is that we are moving because of his work. Most people say that I look like my dad, but I don’t believe that. Despite all that, I love him too.
My favourite toy, Mr. Froggy, is Daddy’s present. I know that an eight year old boy should not sleep with toys but if Mr. Froggy isn’t with me nightmares come to my mind.
In my nightmares I always see a girl in a long, white dress. She is trying to tell me something, but I don’t hear her and then I wake up.
I don’t think that she is a kind of evil, like my psychologist says.
I am scared of an atmosphere. This girl is always standing near a dead tree and I have a feeling that she is trying to call me out of my house - it is strange.
I already see my new house. It has two floors and a backyard but I still don’t like it. Something strange is up with this house....
‘Mummy, are we going to live here?’ I asked my mum gently and destroyed a graveyard silence in our car.
‘Yes honey, this is our new house’, she said.
‘Yeah...’ said Dad, not in the mood again.
Through the window I see a playground. In it, only one little girl is playing. I think she is the same age as me, and....I think she is pretty; long dark hair and a cute white dress. I think I saw her somewhere, but I don’t remember.

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