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Hi, everybody!

Thanks a lot for participating in the  project - Christmas!

The project Christmas took place in The Language School in Down-Town Conversation club 'Listen Twice,' 1st floor.

The project lasted for three weeks from 05-19/12/15. The club members prepared different activities, workshops and games with the help of the  the Japanese volunteer Yuki Chibana as well as the local volunteers Emily and Anastasia. 

The club sessions included the following workshops: 
Handicrafts Club

1. Santa Claus Plate Crafts; Origami Santa Claus; Jingle Bells.

2. Three types of paper Christmas trees; Paper snow flakes. 
3.  Xmas cards.

 Performing Arts Club

  A play ''The Little Match Girl'' by Hans  Christian Andersen. 

Micro Media Club

The club members of the micro media club made a Xmas trivia quiz for the the school teenagers. The teachers used the quiz during there classes and as they said teens enjoyed doing the task so much.  

On the 19 of December the school kids and club members celebrated Xmas. The school teachers Olga Svetlicinaia and Emilia Maier organized the first part of the Xmas celebration with kids took more than two hours. 

The teachers welcomed the kids to the celebration with two Xmas Carols. 

1. Santa Claus never forgets - story four groups. The kids rearranged the stories and 
in the gaps with missing words. The words scattered around the room. Then the kids told the story around. 

2. The penguin dance - A4 papers as icebergs. They melted each time the songs stopped.

3. Jeopardy game. The facts about Christmas (Team Santa Claus won with 1250 points).

4. The kids made Wish Wreaths - hands

5. Big circle hug and wishes for Christmas and the New Year. 

After that we welcomed the club members to the Xmas party and celebration started at 13:00 pm.  First performing arts club performed the play. The students were well prepared for the play and they received a big applause from the audience. 

Then students played Xmas games. 

After that the kids were divided into three teams and participated in the Xmas quiz with Yuki the Japanese volunteer. She presented the PowerPoint quiz with fifteen questions. The winner team received the sweets.

 Then students made Xmas cards and wrote to each other Xmas wishes. After that all together they sang Xmas songs - Santa Claus is coming to town; Jingle bells and We wish you a Merry Christmas. The party ended at 15:00 pm. 

Thank you once again and wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!

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