понедельник, 30 ноября 2015 г.

 Hi, everybody!

Thanks a lot for participating in the  project - Travelling!

The project travelling took place in The Language School in Down-Town Conversational club 'Listen Twice,' 1st floor.

The project lasted for four weeks from 7-28/11/15. The club members prepared different activities, workshops and games with the help of the Vietnamese volunteer Minh Tu, as well as the local volunteers Emily and Anastasia. Also, the Japanese volunteer Yuki Chibana joined the last sessions on 28/11/15. 

The club sessions included the following workshops: 
1. Handicrafts across the world - The City Park; The bird houses; A new map of Tallinn; The Vehicles!
2. Top tourist destinations; Discussion - Perfect holidays; A video clip - Tourist destination countries. 
3. Tourist service worldwide and in Tallinn; A survey in the google forms - Tourist information service in Tallinn.  

During the club sessions the Vietnamese volunteer Tu had the Vietnamese cultural cafes. She taught the club members and adults the Vietnamese language, the tongue twisters, the culture, the food etc. 

 On the 28th of November there was the last session about travelling. Besides, workshops there was the Cambodian guest Thorn who gave the presentation and introduced to teens the Cambodian culture.   

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