среда, 23 сентября 2015 г.

Conversational Language Club ‘Listen Twice’ celebration of the

 European Day of Languages


- Spanish Cultural Café: Join us to get to know the Spanish people, the main cities in Spain, the national food, the festivals and the Way to Santiago.
- Estonian Cultural Café: Practice the Estonian language and tongue twisters. 

- German Cultural Café: Join us to discuss the German celebrations and music.
- French Cultural Café: Join us to listen to students' stories and share the experience of travelling to Nice and Paris. 
- Estonian Cultural Café: Join us to discuss music and Estonian culture.

- French Cultural Cafe: Join us to know more about French culture, food, theater and music

- We would like you to welcome to the club and receive your Pearson Test of English Certificates.
- English Conversational Club - Endangered Languages Talk: Join us to discover some interesting information about the most endangered languages in the world. Research some facts about one of these languages and get yourself posted up on our Facebook page.

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