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Invitation for the Christmas Speech Performance

Hey everybody!

Speaking Club “Listen Twice” announces this year’s Christmas speeches competition!

It will take place on 20th of December at 12 pm in In Down-Town Language School, 1st floor.

We propose you to write your speech in frames of the following topics:
  1. We and environment. Is it our responsibility to lead the environmentally sustainable lifestyle?
  2. What is voting for you: opportunity or obligation?
  3. Higher, better, faster, stronger – can we keep up with our own inventions? Who has the power: your device or you?
  4. No matter where you travel, your worries will always follow you.
  5. Show me your diploma and I will tell you who you are. What do your achievements tell about you?

OR you can use the topic of your choice!      
The speech should be inspiring to others and not exceed more than 2 minutes of time.

If you are interested to participate, please send us the following information to the e-mail ls.indowntown@gmail.com :
  • Your name and Surname
  • Your age and number of the group.
  • Name of your speech.

Three best speeches will receive the prizes!

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