вторник, 23 сентября 2014 г.

Hey everybody! We have the volunteer from Japan in our language school!

Hello, guys! My name is Ryoichi Hibino. I am a new volunteer in “In Down-Town” language school.
I lived in Kichijoji, in Tokyo in Japan and was a university student. Kichijoji is one of Japan’s most attractive places because the place appears in many mangas in Japan, like Ghibli, Evangelion, and Angel hearts. And the place is also famous as the most comfortable place in Japan. The city is full of entertainment and everybody can find something there for himself!
I like playing basketball, listening to music, watching movies, sleeping, reading books about some trival things, and making some toys.
I want to be able to play some musical instrument, so I am going to practice it in Tallinn.
My favorite words are ‘tyototsumoushin’ which means you go in direct way as if there were any barriers in front of you.  The writing of this word you can find on the picture.
By the way, what do you know about Japan? Do you know manga, Ghibli, samurai, karaoke? Japan is full of wonder and I will show you as many things as possible!
I came here because I was interested in Tallinn, its beautiful old town with the castle and of course in Estonian history! I want to introduce Japanese culture but at the same time, learn from you about Estonia!
I am looking forward to meet you and participate in my workshops, and of course having fun with you!
Take care,
Ryoichi Hibino

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