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Our Last Meeting of the Speaking Club: Aegna Island. Impressions.

When we asked our students what they would like to do for our last meeting of the Speaking club, they said: "Let's go to the island!" The idea was heard and accepted, and on June 1, the first day of summer, Speaking Club of In Down-Town School left for Aegna on the boat named "Vesta".

We were 16: students from both Into the Wild and Speaker's Corner and us, Maria, Sophie, Maho, our Japanese volunteer, and Rolando, our Venezuelan teacher.
The island is not big, we crossed it in half an hour and got to a beautiful sunny beach. 
We made sandwiches, fried marshmallows. Almost everyone had a chance to learn how to build a fire. 

After that we played Werewolves and other games sitting on the blankets next to the shore. Lots of smiles, laugh and absolutely happy faces. Everyone found amusement by preference, everyone found a person to talk to.

Grilled sausages came just on time when we felt hungry after playing games and sunbathing.


Our meal was accompanied by gentle Spanish songs played on guitar by Rolando. 
The last part of our day in the nature was a walk through the forest passing by some old Soviet military objects, which impressed everyone.

Though we got  sun burnt and tired by the time we reached the port, we were still cheerful and willing to continue playing Werewolves even on the board of the boat.
Time passed really fast and when we arrived to Tallinn, it was quite sad to finally say good-bye to each other.
But we hope to see all of our students again in September, when the new school year starts. And we are sure we'll have many other enjoyable moments together!
We wish our students sunny holidays and are waiting for everyone to participate in our summer language camps!

Sophie and Maria.

P.S. Special "thank you" to our lovely photographer Kate :)


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