воскресенье, 2 марта 2014 г.

Let's look back at how we spent the winter in the Speaking club

Let’s look back and see what the brightest moments of our winter months in the Speaking club were like:

First of all, we got acquainted with our new Spanish teacher, Borja, and soon the interview with him is coming! He told us some interesting facts about the history of his country, traditions, body language they use, and it was interesting even for those who know Spain quite well.

Another thing we did was celebrating Chinese New Year. We went to Lauluväljak and watched the performance: the dances of Lion and Dragon, traditional Chinese dances and, of course, fireworks. We got a bit cold, but the celebration was worth it. Besides that, at school we discussed Chinese zodiac signs and the story of their creation and we made bookmarks with our signs using Chinese symbols.

The weekend after Saint Valentine’s Day we discussed friendship and qualities of an ideal friend (do they really exist, in fact? :)) 

But one of the most interesting events was creating Loesje posters.
Loesje is an international organization which proclaims the freedom of speech and provides space for creativity. Groups of people get together and create posters which are meant to make people think, reflect what’s happening in the society, and draw people’s attention to a problem.

Usually one topic is chosen, but we let our fantasy go and created posters on a number of different topics, such as music, friendship, food, computer games and Internet, books.
The process of creation was not less exciting than results. First we wrote funny stories using chains of associations, and then we used the method of BRAINWRITING – collecting ideas on paper, to discuss the topics we chose. And then every person made his/her own slogan, which was then written on a poster.
Now these posters decorate school walls but you may also see them here.

More info about Loesje project here: http://www.loesje.org/

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