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Geocaching. Into the Wild.

Into The Wild, November 9-10  -  GEOCACHING

Last Sunday students from The Speaking Club “Into the Wild” participated in a very interesting activity – GEOCACHING*.
At first, we were explained what Geocaching is and then we moved outside to look for our treasures! The first treasure turned out to be a tiny coin in a little metal box under a post-office box not far from the Town Hall. We signed a logbook and got another description. Our next task was to find an object near the sea, next to the City Hall. It wasn’t easy. We had to read the information about a famous film “Stalker” and answer the questions in order to find the place. It took us a long time to find the treasure but we were lucky in the end! Our GPS device helped us a lot. The treasure was a jar well hidden in the wall and a few badges in it, which we didn’t take. After the game was over, we went to the nearest café and stayed outside to have a picnic and celebrate our victory! We took some funny pictures, drank hot tea with cookies and went home. I think it was a lovely day, and we had a lot of fun!
Daniel Savchenko (306 group)

*From the Editor: Geocaching is a treasure hunt outside. You go to the website www.geocaching.com, find a cache (treasure) which looks interesting, use GPS coordinates given in a description and then go outside to find your cache! If you have difficulty finding a treasure you may solve a puzzle to get an additional hint. The treasure can be big or small but you always need to replace it with another treasure of the same value for other geocachers to have FUN as well!

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