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Get acquainted with OUR TEACHERS: Glen Fobister

The interview was taken by two students of the 6th course - Stanislav Belogrivov and Max Kashuta.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?
– After university I had a degree in Philosophy, but the job market for philosophers isn’t huge. So I worked in a bar in Brighton for a year. And while I was walking with a friend of mine around the city I saw a lot of chalk boards outside the shops with some ads on them, but these ads contained a lot of grammar errors. And I used to correct those mistakes. My friend just said to me: “Why don’t you become an English teacher and you can actually get paid to do this?” So I took an intensive course and I thought that I’ll just do this for a summer. That was 20 years ago. A 20-year summer I’ve had.
But why have you come to Estonia? Why not any other country?
– I thought, ‘why not?’ Because I’ve lived in a lot of places, but I’ve never been to the Baltic area. And then I’ve got a job here. I also had a job waiting for me in Germany, involving teaching in a corporation. But I didn’t want to teach people in suits, because I felt there wasn’t much variety for me. There my day would be the same every day: helping people with their e-mails, doing a bit of 1-to-1 conversation class; and I hate doing 1-to-1 classes, I really do.
Are you going to move to another county in some time?
– It’s kind of in my plans. My girlfriend lived in Oslo at some point, her father lives there. And I just love Norway. It’s also where my family is originally from.
After all this we can assume that you love traveling, don’t you?
– No, I don’t. Because I want to settle down somewhere. I’ve spent my life searching for that place, I just can’t find it. So I keep moving and moving and moving… This travelling is a curse, not a blessing.
What music do you like?
– Alternative rock, indie rock, industrial metal, post-punk and classical music.
How do you like Tallinn?
– I really like it here. Before I came here I was living in London, but I don’t like London. I think it’s a mess (architecturally), not a beautiful place. These horrible buildings from the 1970-s sitting next to the buildings from the 1770-s… But in this city everything is more than just every single bit of it. All parts become the whole, actually.
What are you favorite places here? Any churches, museums…?
– I think I'll pass this one now. When I was in London I never went to the London Eye, never went to London these places by… I don’t do a lot of sightseeing. When I lived near York Bridge, I never went to Madame Tussauds just because I lived there. So I live here now and I don’t really do these things, but I have particular places I go to at the weekends, and people there are very friendly, very open, really interested in finding a foreigner who seems like he belongs and I think that is the key. That if I feel like I belong somewhere then it’s going to be good for me for quite some time.
Some people say that every city has something unique, like good pubs or something… What about Tallinn?

– Well, there are some good clubs. The places, where people gather to listen to same music… I very often go out alone at the weekends, but I always meet some new friends. Because I like the challenge to go out and find someone or some people that I can sit and talk with all evening. And it’s good for me, because I didn’t have this in London, so I’d say that the atmosphere there was suffocating me, whereas here I’m able to breathe…

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